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Please take this opportunity to learn all you can about the school’s Waldorf-inspired curriculum by exploring the books and websites below and taking part in school events and parent education forums. 

MBCS uses a Waldorf-inspired method of instruction that does not include everything that private Waldorf schools typically provide. The study of the founder's writings about Anthroposophy are not taught or promoted. However, information about the roots of this method and its founder may be of interest when learning about why these methods are used in a public charter school.


  • Waldorf Education: A Family Guide, edited by Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen Rivers
  • Waldorf Schools: Kindergarten and Early Grades, ed. Ruth Pusch
  • Understanding Waldorf Education: teaching from the inside out by Jack Petrash
  • Waldorf Education, a Family Guide by Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen Rivers


Alliance for Public Waldorf Education 

  • Promote and support the development of high quality Public Waldorf Education
  • Strengthen the community of schools guided by the principles of Public Waldorf Education
  • Increase the visibility of Public Waldorf Education in the greater educational landscape
  • Make Public Waldorf Education accessible for all.

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Waldorf Education in Public Schools.

Promotes policies and practices that support children’s healthy development: www.allianceforchildhood.org