Our spring celebration, May Faire, is almost here...
Saturday, May 6th  ~  10am to 2:30

Plan to arrive in time for the joyous procession at 10am led by bagpipes and great fanfare in honor of the Royal Court! The school's beloved (and retiring) kindergarten teacher, Mia Michael, will reign as Queen of the Court this year! 

Create a flower wreath for yourself and watch the amazing maypole dance performed by 6th grade. There are activities for all ages (see below). Lunch and refreshments (cash only) will be available for sale.

There will be games of all kind, and local vendors look forward to sharing their crafts. There will also be a lovely Fairy Glen in the Forest with delightful activities for the wee ones.

May Faire - The very best way to welcome Spring with your family!

Festival of Courage Photos 

Our first festival of the year is the Festival of Courage. As we enter into autumn, the days grow shorter and the weather starts to change. Festival of Courage reminds us to slow down, take a deep breath, and look around at the faces of those with whom we share this school. Having called on our own inner qualities of joy and strength, we may then celebrate the strength and vitality of our community.  

At Festival of Courage, with all classes and families assembled in a large circle on the green, the grades perform a dynamic pageant telling the story of St. George, a lone knight who tames the ferocious Dragon that is terrorizing the people of the land. 

All the children in the grades have a role in the performance, while the assembled families and the kinder children are treated to the spectacle. Afterward, all of the children walk in a spiral to partake of the Dragon Bread (prepared by 3rd graders) before joining their families and classmates for kindergarten and grade level potlucks. The other highlight of the Festival of Courage is the legendary Courage Course, specially designed for the kinder through 2nd grade children by the 8th grade.



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