School Forms

School forms are in pdf format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Credit/Debit Authorization


Welcome Handbook

Visiting Students

These forms are for alumni and prospective students that have prior approval to be at the school without their parents.

Visiting Student Permission Form

MBCS Alumni Visiting Student Permission Form

Field Trips

Field Trip Permission Form

Field Trip Office Notification Form (teachers or field trip coordinators fill out this form)

Driver Certification Form - in addition to this form, the office needs a copy of

1) your driver's license,

2) your DMV driver's record ($2 fee) go to

2) vehicle registration,

3) declarations page of car insurance showing a minimum of $100/$300,000 accident insurance.

Internet Use Agreement

Students in grade 6-8 must have this form signed before they are allowed to use computers at school.

Student Internet and Media Use Agreement

Independent Study Forms

Parents may request Independent Study for up to 5 consective days (20 with special permission of the Director). Class Teachers assign work to be done.

Board Policy

The following two forms must be returned to the Class Teacher upon your return to school.

Independent Study Agreement

Independent Study Attendance Record


Health Exam form (for entry to First Grade)

Authorization to Administer Medications at School

Oral Health Exam (for entry to First Grade)

Guide to Required Immunizations

Community Service