Governance Overview

Monterey Bay Charter School is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for supporting the school’s vision and continuity of leadership and carrying out responsibilities as outlined in the corporation’s bylaws.

Nominations for Board members shall be solicited from the MBCS and greater Monterey Peninsula communities. See Board Candidate Application page for details.

Board Members

Melanie Stackpole, Chair
Ken Turgen, Vice Chair
Kathi Lares, Treasurer
Tomi Burgess
Bob Cole
Mitch Fadem
Giulie Garland
Kristi Heath
David Ramirez
Arturo Ruvalcaba
Chandra Weaver
Finance-Human Resources Committee
(A Standing Committee of the Board)
Kathi Lares, Chair
Kara Gober
Elda Pema
Rachelle Bellanger
Jasona Prowse
Kevin Kakalow

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is composed of all class and subject teachers. The primary responsibility of the Faculty Council is providing advice to the Governing Board relating to all pedagogical concerns.

Parent Circle

The Parent Circle, which is made up of all parents in the school, together with those faculty members who wish to participate. The role of the Parent Circle is to encourage parent and community involvement in the school through building community partnerships, fundraising, promoting parent volunteerism, and parent education.

Class Parents are those who take leadership responsibilities and work closely with their teacher. Usually several parents take various roles in areas such as communications, yearbook, field trips, and Parent Council representation.