Board Candidate Application

Board of Directors Position Description

Board members are expected to serve the community of the Monterey Bay Charter School by ensuring that there is competent leadership and adequate resources available to accomplish the school’s mission.

Board members understand that they are responsible to ensure that the school’s education program and operations are aligned with the school’s charter and bylaws as well as all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, the Board is responsible for ensuring the school’s fiscal health and ensuring that fiscal systems, procedures, and processes are in place. Directors are expected to be available to participate on committees and at Board meetings as fully informed members.

Specifically, Board members must:

• Attend and actively participate in all board meetings, arriving on time and remaining until the meeting has ended.

• Prepare for meetings by reading the board packet and be ready to discuss with an open mind the issues at hand.

• Participate on board committees as needed, attending committee meetings, and contribute to the accomplishment of the committee goals.

• Support the Monterey Bay Charter School’s fundraising activities.

• Advocate on behalf of Monterey Bay Charter School, promoting the views of the school in order to secure funding and other support for the organization.

• Subordinate individual agendas to the goals of the organization.

• Follow the Board norms.

• Keep Board discussions and reports confidential.

• Provide input into the strategic plan and monitor the organization’s progress towards achieving established goals.

• Keep abreast of charter school issues through research, reading, and attendance at workshops including those sponsored by the Charter Schools Development Center or other charter school organizations.

Desirable Interests and Skills:

  • Fund Development
  • Finance/Accounting  
  • Non-Profit Law and Administration
  • Capital Campaigns
  • School Administration              
  • Child Development                  
  • Diversity/Communities of Color
  • Arts and Culture                             
  • Waldorf Pedagogy                   
  • Community Relations/Marketing
  • Facilities                                  
  • Real Estate                              

Meeting Schedule and Requirements: Meetings are held once per month, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.on the second Tuesday of each month. Infrequent special meetings may be scheduled. Members are expected to attend all meetings of the Board and serve on at least one committee. As community leaders, Board members also attend and promote school events, activities and fundraising efforts on site and out in the greater Monterey County.

Duration:  One year term with a maximum of six years continuous service. 

Interview: Applicants may be asked to attend at least one MBCS Board meeting and interview with board members.

Melanie Stackpole, Board Chair and Governance Committee Chair

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