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Application Form for Next School Year, 2017-18

Please use this online form to apply for the 2017-18 school year:  Application for 2017-18 School Year

The annual random drawing (lottery) for openings in the 2017-18 school year was held March 17th. Offers are being made in accordance with this list.

Applications received after March 1, 2017, will be added to the wait list (after lottery applicants) by date and time received. 

Please note that applications for enrollment do not roll over to the following year. A new application is required for each year's lottery. If you were in the lottery in the previous year you may be eligible for a high preference (see application for details.) The application period next school year will be between November 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018. 

Due to the volume of applications and the continually changing wait list, MBCS does not initiate contact until there is an opening available for an applicant, which may be at any time from March 2017 to May 2018. It is important to update the school if there are any changes to your phone or email contact information. Current wait list status can be obtained by calling the school at 831-655-4638 after March 27th.

Tours and Classroom Observations

Go to the 'Tours'
page to see the dates and times for all tours and observations while school is in session. 

Immunization Requirements
California state law requires that children receive a course of immunizations to attend school or day care in California. Personal Belief Exemptions are no longer accepted. In addition, exemptions are not valid upon entering 7th grade.
KINDERGARTEN ENTRY: Students entering Kindergarten must be fully immunized according to State requirements. 
7th GRADE ENTRY: When a student is entering 7th grade, a Tdap booster for whooping cough is required by the State in addition to all other previously required immunizations. A student must be fully immunized or he/she will not be admitted to school. 
Go HERE for information about immunization requirements. Go HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about the new law. Go HERE for information about Conditional Enrollment.

Kindergarten - A Play-Based Approach to Learning

Early childhood education experts agree that the years from birth to age eight are a critical learning time for children. During these years, children have many cognitive, emotional, physical, and social tasks to accomplish. Learning to read, write, and compute are undeniably important skills for children to acquire. The question is how and when these skills should be learned.  MBCS believes a play-based approach to learning is developmentally appropriate for kindergarten age students. In fact, play is an important ingredient in all grades at MBCS!

Kindergarten students turning 5 between June 1st and December 2will be enrolled in a two-year Kindergarten program that will benefit the child's preparedness for 1st grade.

Please read a full description of the Kindergarten program before submitting an Enrollment Request. Go to the Curriculum Overview page.

Play-based Kindergarten is no longer the norm in U.S. public schools, however, it is considered an essential foundation year in other successful countries. This article about Denmark school system, for example, is informative and sites other articles that support this approach.


The school has worked hard to make sure State standards are met and student achievement is high in standardized testing while using an educational approach that is significantly different from mainstream public education. The school received an API score of 877 for the 2011-12 school year and is in the top 15% of schools in the state and top 10% in the county.

Core instruction in English language arts, math, social studies and science are taught by a Class Teacher that stays with the class through the grades.  Instruction is given by a subject teachers in music, handwork, games, woodworking, fine art and Spanish.

Art and illustration are integrated into all lessons giving academics a beauty and a depth of learning.

The school has a robust music program: 1st-3rd graders learn to play the pentatonic flute and recorder. All 4th graders are provided a violin and taught to play, and 6th-8th grades have elective choices in band and orchestra. The school has begun a partnership with the Monterey Jazz Festival to develop the school's middle school band program.

Students enjoy an education at MBCS that is engaging, hands-on and, most importantly, structured to meet them where they are developmentally. You are encouraged to learn all you can about a Waldorf-inspired education!

YouTube video "Reading Instruction in Kindergarten: Little to Gain, Much to Lose"

Class Sizes

22   Kindergarten (with Aide)
24-26   1st - 8th Grades